Can I Enjoy Swinging When I Have My Period

Can I Enjoy Swinging When I Have My Period-How To Manage Your Period? Periods are part and parcel of life, and at some point during your involvement in the lifestyle, your period will make its appearance. Don’t let having your period when you swing give you any more worry or stress. Be a smart sexy savvy swinger with my guide! 

Here my quick Top Tips for enjoying swinging whilst you are on your period;

  • Changing the type of play you engage in. Soft swap, oral, sensual massage or maybe BDSM! 
  • Use a menstrual cup to catch the flow and discreetly keep you safe! 
  • If you choose to have penetrative vaginal sex, then using a menstrual disc allows you to have sex. 

All women experience periods differently, and sometimes each period is different. There really isn’t a one size fits all approach, and I’m sure you will know what you are and are not comfortable with. Some of us suffer from mood swings, pms, depression, bloating pain and fatigue, sometimes all at once or not at all! We all suffer different symptoms and our hormones can make us feel horny, emotional, have an increased appetite or just want to be left alone! However, if you do decide to enjoy the swinging lifestyle when you have your period, I may just have the answer you have been looking for. 

This article aims to give you a full break down of the most popular methods for dealing with your period, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or a single female, or how you like to have sex.

It doesn’t matter you are a seasoned swinger or a first-timer, I’m pretty sure swinging and periods will have crossed your mind. 

When I started swinging, I couldn’t find any helpful advice about Swinging and Menstruation. Over the years, I have discovered what works and what doesn’t. What I have been comfortable with and what I have not wanted to engage in when swinging.  

I have done my research, and here for you, is my guide. Just because you may have your period, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. 

There have been two occasions recently that I have had to unexpectedly deal with starting my period at the most inconvenient times and I wanted to share with you how I didn’t let being on my period get in the way of having an excellent swinger experience. 

Period Proof

For this post, I have collaborated with Period Proof, the sustainable period experts! Their mission is to transform the way women period. They want to make it simpler, more convenient and healthier. Period Proof aims to have as little impact on the planet as possible by reducing the number of used period products in landfill. They also work to normalise periods and end period stigma.


If you have a party or swingers date coming up and you can feel those familiar cramps and aches starting then letting others know that you either can’t attend or only want to have a vanilla meet is essential. 

Here’s something most swingers have in common, we don’t like flakey people. Trust me on this. I’d much rather a woman tell me that she’s starting her period and therefore wants to meet for a soft swap only date rather than completely disappear, or cancel last minute. 

Sometimes talking to the female half of a couple can be useful, but most swinger couples and swinger guys are pretty clued up in my experience. Sending a message on a group chat or a text is fine. You don’t need to give too much information, only that your period has started and you dont feel like playing. 

Recently I met with a professional Dominatrix for a BDSM play session, and the day before the event, I could feel my period starting. I was gutted! But I contacted her, and we spoke at length about changing the style of the play and what I was ok with. Before the session began, we talked again about how I was feeling, and what type of play I was able to enjoy. Because I communicated with her my limits, I discovered that the fact that I was on my period didn’t interfere one bit.  

Change The Type Of Meet

Sometimes changing the type of meet you plan on having can be a good idea if you are not comfortable playing during your period. Meeting for a vanilla date or going to a swinger meet and greet can be a lot of fun, especially if you want to engage with new couples. You should always have a vanilla date first before engaging in any play, so suggesting a vanilla meet up isn’t always a bad thing! 


Most swingers are a laid back bunch, and if you give them notice, are happy to reschedule if you get your period. Again, it all comes down to communication. If both parties are serious about meeting, then rescheduling shouldn’t be a problem. 

Engage In Soft Swap Only 

You don’t have to engage in a full swap to enjoy swinging. By changing how you play and what you participate in, you can still have a sexy time with other swingers. On an occasion that I was in a club, and my period had started the day before, I engaged in a soft swap and also BDSM style play where I was in charge. This in itself, was hugely liberating, as I didn’t let my period stop me from enjoying being in the swinger club!

We took some toys to be used on S, and I had great fun restraining him in the dungeon. I used a small tampon and enjoyed my butterfly vibrator whilst engaging in oral sex with others. Giving handjobs, oral sex, playing with vibrators, and sensual massage are all sexy soft swap alternatives that can be enjoyed. 

Some Couples Still Have Sex

I wouldn’t recommend having sex with other people other than your partner whilst on your period, but what you could do is save penetration for them. This way, you can still enjoy all the soft swap and penetration and not feel like you are missing out. Some guys are okay with bleeding, and you may wish to use a condom. Talk to your partner and discuss what you are both comfortable with. 

Anal Alternative? 

Some women are happy to have anal sex when on their period, and if you still want to play, discuss this with your potential play partners. I understand that it is not for everyone, and as a general rule, I only have anal sex with S, however, if it was a couple or single male (or woman with a strap on) that I had met on several occasions, and were experienced swingers, I might be happy to engage in anal sex. I would, of course, use condoms! Remember, you can experience heightened sensitivity during your period and it may be painful to engage in anal sex so only do so if you feel completely comfortable. 

Types Of Period Products Available

I have found that some products are particularly useful in allowing you to still have swinger fun whilst on your period. Here is my breakdown of the best options if you want to enjoy yourself to the max whilst still feeling comfortable and confident. 

Non Applicator Tampons

When I met with the mistress, we spoke about the type of play I was happy to engage in and the type of product I would use. By using a small non-applicator tampon, I was able to receive oral sex from S and enjoyed having a vibrator used on me. I prefer small tampons as I find them quite a snug fit.  

Period Knickers

These knickers are great if you are going on a swingers date and want to wear a tight little dress without the fear of a bulky pad showing. Or perhaps you are in a swingers club, and you want to get undressed, but dont want to show your regular period underwear? They are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and flattering. Period Knickers can be used in conjunction with other products such as tampons or cups for added security and, if like me you hate your BF seeing you in baggy period pants; they look super stylish too! 

Menstrual Cups 

There are several different brands available on the market as menstrual cups are growing in popularity. They are great if you want to engage in soft swap play and reusable and environmentally friendly. Menstrual cups are made by medical-grade silicone, free from chemicals. It’s worn internally like a tampon, but it collects the menstrual blood instead of absorbing it. The cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on how heavy is your flow. Each cup can last up to 10 years, avoiding so many disposable products going into landfills.

Period Proof is my favourite cup. It’s very soft and comfortable, you won’t be able to feel it most of the time. It comes in two different sizes and on their website you can find the Period Quiz which will help you find the one that best fits you, it’s worth checking it out!

Menstrual Disc

The one you can use when you have sex! 

A menstrual disc sits at the base of the cervix and can be worn for up to 12 hours. It doesn’t take up much space in your vagina once inserted, so when you do have sex, it should feel completely normal. I wouldn’t recommend having a really heavy session with one, but they should be fine for regular penetrative sex. (you know what I’m getting at right?) The downsides are that they can be fiddly to use and some are not reusable. Menstrual discs are a great option if you still want to enjoy penetrative sex whilst swinging. 

Regulating Your Period

For years I took birth control on prescription. Firstly, as a form of contraception and secondly as a means of regulating my period. I found that by taking the combined oral contraceptive pill, the bleed I had in between packs was regulated and reasonably similar month to month. It was relatively easy to plan swinger events and dates as I knew (given a day or so) when my period would start and how long it would last for. 

I have also tried the Implant method, and I had it for around 18 months before I decided it wasn’t for me. During this time, I hardly had a period at all, but the flow was very heavy and unpredictable on the days or weeks I did bleed. 

If you choose to take a contraceptive to regulate your period, then always speak to a medical professional and seek their help or book an appointment with your local family planning or sexual health provider. I am lucky enough to live in central London, and I have the Burrel Street Sexual Health Clinic on my doorstep. A doctor will prescribe the exact type of contraception you need if you wish to manage your flow. 

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