Discord Server For Swingers  

Discord Server For Swingers If you want to be part of a like-minded, respectful, swinger and kink-friendly network, there’s a good chance that joining an online community Discord group might provide you with exactly what you are looking for! 

Swinger community groups are really popular, and for a good reason. They provide their members with a supportive space to express themselves and share their experiences, knowledge and expertise. Curious to find out more? Let’s talk about Discord Server For Swingers, online community groups and chatrooms.

As well as my discord server, there is of course Reddit and its thousands of subreddit groups. They are popular with people who enjoy the swinger lifestyle and all aspects of ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy). From polyamorous relationships to open marriages to people who are curious about cuckold, on Reddit, you will find a group that you can relate to. 

What Are Swinger Lifestyle Groups? 

Sometimes people post ‘searching for’ posts if they want to meet with other members locally, and other times they ask for advice and help from other local participants. Do follow the policies and guidelines set out by the site admins. The people in charge are quick to ban anyone who violates the terms and conditions of the subreddits. 

Now, Reddit is great and allows you to seek advice from thousands of different members globally. However, with Reddit being a place that anyone can post in, sometimes people offer their opinion whether you asked for it or not. Criticism, negativity, and judgemental comments are all part of the network and sometimes, the advice that one person will offer will be completely different from what another person will offer. 

If you are new to the scene or are seeking genuine answers, it can be pretty disheartening at times. 

I have fallen victim to numerous unpleasant comments, and I have witnessed some pretty harsh replies to people’s questions. 

Although it boasts thousands of members, Reddit is not always a very forgiving platform. 

Can I Use Chatrooms To Meet Swingers? 

Yes, is the short answer, and in fact, I have a whole article written on the benefits of using swinger chatrooms and where they can be found. But do they provide users with a swinger community? Well, in all honesty, not really. 

They are great for meeting new people, chatting about the lifestyle and flirting but are they supportive? With genuine members? Do they offer an inclusive environment for their users? Well, I can’t speak for all chatrooms, but I know that some don’t! So if you do want to join a swinger lifestyle group, where can you look? 

Come And Join Me! 

Let me introduce you to something new! If you want to be part of a supportive social swinger group and meet genuine lifestylers who are serious about swinging, then I have something that you might enjoy! If you want exclusive members-only content, offers, swinger party news, and my advice and guidance, you need to check out my Discord group. It’s a lot more than just a chat room, and members are certified by me! 🙂 

Welcome To The Lobby

So, what is discord, and how does it work? I wanted to give my fans and followers a real treat, so I set up my groups to represent a club. When you enter, you will be welcomed into the lobby. Here, you can settle in whilst I tell you a little more about the channels and what to expect in each. I’ll never ask you to upload a picture for approval; all I ask is that you are respectful and understand what my groups are all about. Oh, did I tell you it’s completely free to sign up? Whilst you are in the lobby, your status will be ‘Please Take A Seat’- just as it is when you enter a swingers club!  When you enter the Lobby, either myself or one of my moderators will drop you a message to say hello and maybe ask you how you found the channel and whether you think it’s right for you? If you do, then happy days, we shall upgrade you to Newbie. 

About This Group

Whilst you are a member of the lobby, you can click on ‘about this group’ and read all about what each channel offers the members, and you can decide whether Discord is for you or not. Here, you will find how to join in with the Kink Community channel and how to access the Swinger Social Live Chat on a Friday night that I host. With About This Group, you will also discover how to join my members-only area and be part of the most exclusive group on Discord, Thiskindagirls Boudiour. 

Swinger Social Scene

The next group is the swinger social scene, where you can chat with other members and discuss the Lifestyle. After you are upgraded to Newbie, you will be able to access this group. Here you can make friends and connections and share in your swinger experiences. You will be able to discover more about one another and have a flirt! Here are five super easy conversation starters if you are not sure what to say:

  • Who do you think thiskindagirl is? And what would you ask her if you met her? 
  • What is your ideal threesome fantasy? MMF or FFM? Or something else entirely? 
  • What three words best describe you? 
  • What is your favourite sex toy, and where did you buy it from? 
  • What makes you feel nervous about swinging? 

The Kink Community 

After getting to know other swingers as Newbies in the Swinger Social Scene group, you can request to join the Kink Community Group. When you are accepted, you will be upgraded to ‘Sexy Swinger’. To join, simply drop one of my moderators or me a message, asking to be part of the group. Like many clubs with a dungeon, I couldn’t set up my Discord groups without having a dedicated BDSM space!

In Kink Community, you can discuss all things alternative. Whether you are curious about the kink lifestyle or fanatical about fetish, this group is for all people who enjoy the flavours of non-vanilla. If you are into BDSM, shibari, age play, sub/dom relationship, this group is for you! If you are looking for other swingers who also enjoy kink play or want to discover more about the scene, here is a safe place for you to discuss! 

Members Question and Answer 

As the name suggests, you can drop a question in here to be answered by one of the other members. Or you can start a discussion. You don’t have to be new to the swinging world to be curious. This group is great to hear about other users experiences of the Lifestyle. 

Swinger Social Scene Voice Channel

Open to newbies and sexy swingers, this voice channel is where I chat to my members on a Friday at 7 pm. I talk about what I have been working on at Thiskindagirl and what’s coming up next week in the chat.

I answer your questions and share with you insights into events I’ve been to, people I’ve met and things I’ve enjoyed over the last week. I also talk about companies I collaborate with and share with you exclusive offers.

Paid-Thiskindagirls Boudoir- The Exclusive Group

Welcome to my boudoir. This area is for members only; after all, you don’t let strangers into your bedroom, do you?

In my Boudior, you will discover exclusive content that no one else is allowed to see. From behind the scenes to details of what I really get up to in swingers clubs, my Boudiour members get all the juicy Thiskindagirl gossip! Not only do you get all this, but you also get special offers on my products and services. 

Being a my Boudiour member also means I can share with you products and purchases that I think you will love! From bondage gear to butt plugs, I will be offering my honest opinion on them all! If you want to discover more about swinger social events, I will be sharing details of how you can get involved in the swinger action. 

Paid-Swinger Support 

Your questions answered! In Swinger Support, I will share my knowledge and expertise with you and offer non-judgmental advice on all things non-monogamy, sex, and relationships. Here, you will get detailed guidance and support from me! If you want your question answering, simply pop it into the chat, and I will provide the answers in Wednesday night LIVE chat that is just for members.  

Paid-Thiskindagirls Members Only Chat

If you have a paid membership, you also gain access to the paid membership live chat on a Wednesday at 7pm. Here, I answer the questions posted in the Swinger Support channel that only paid members have access to. The live chat is also an opportunity for me to get to know you and find out what you would like from the Discord groups. 

Why Is Discord Important To Swingers? 

Why? Because I have so much to share with you all, and you never know who you might meet! 

Swinging is a very sociable activity, and being part of a supportive community is important, especially when you partake in something that is seen by many to be ‘taboo’. 

If you are anything like me, you probably don’t share all the details of your swinger life with your vanilla friends, and this can leave us feeling a little isolated at times and unsure about who to talk to.

When I first started swinging, I wanted to talk to other women and couples about the scene but struggled to know where to find them. 

I wanted to talk openly, without fear of judgement; I wanted somewhere that I felt safe to express myself. 

I believe swinging should be open to all, regardless of your gender, age, sexuality or how you like to get involved. I’ll never ask you to submit a full-length picture of yourself before joining; my only request is that you are respectful to all members and genuinely wish to discover more about the lifestyle. 

Discord is a lot more than just a chat group. It’s a place to call home; it’s a place where you can connect and share your experiences. It’s a place where I can interact with you on a much deeper level. It’s personal, and it’s members-only for a reason. If you want to be part of my tribe, then come and join me! 

If you want to spread the word, then click on the link and copy and paste it to where ever you want. You can add it to your social media, you can add it to your online swinger dating profile, or you can share it in messges. By helping to build a tribe, you are helping me spread the word of sexy smart swinging! 

Come and get involved on social!

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