First Time Couple What to Wear Swinging

First Time Couple What to Wear Swinging As we start to come out of lockdown here in the UK, it has become apparent that for many of you, who have only discovered the Lifestyle over the last year, any up and coming parties will be, in fact, your first parties! With this in mind, and because helping first-time swingers, (both men and women) is something of a speciality, this post was born! It’s time to discover What Should A First Time Couple Wear To Swinger Club? 

What Is It Like For First Time Swingers At A Club?

Before I start talking about corsets and crotchless panties, it’s really important that I share with you what to expect from a swingers club if you are attending for the first time. After all, it can be hard to know how to dress if you don’t know what it will be like! 

So, most clubs have changing areas with lockers where you can keep your belongings and regular clothes, meaning you don’t have to turn up in your outfit; this is especially useful if the event you are attending is a fetish event! But this is your first time, so I’ll leave the hardcore outfits alone for this post! 

Some clubs also have shower facilities, so if you choose to freshen up after playing, you can do. I have found, and it does annoy me a little, is that sometimes the changing rooms are mixed, which, when you are trying to fasten fiddly suspender straps, and some guy is staring at your bent over ass, is quite annoying. 

It is worth remembering that no one is ever going to insist that you remove your clothes or tell you exactly how you should or shouldn’t dress. Some fetish/ kink events are pretty strict with their dress codes, but chances are you wouldn’t attend an event unless you too, were serious about the scene. 

Is It Normal For First Time Swingers To Be Nervous? 

The first time I attended a swingers party, I wore stockings, suspenders, corset; the works! Although it looked great, the reality was that the straps holding the stockings up kept coming undone, and I spent so much time fiddling with my outfit; I began to regret my choice. I was nervous, and the fact that I kept fidgeting with the straps and the lace made the whole situation a lot more nerve-wracking than it needed to be.

Chances are, you are not used to wearing such intricate lingerie, I mean, I may be thiskindagirl, but I don’t don my best silk stockings and suspender belt and head off to work (sorry to burst your bubble). What I’m trying to say is wear something you feel comfortable in, regardless of whether it’s a little black dress, bodystocking or a playsuit. If you suddenly wear something that you instantly feel uncomfortable in, simply because you are in a swingers club, then it will show! 

Wear Something Sexy For Each Other

Your first time at a swingers club should be a memorable one, and what better excuse than to dress in a way that each other finds appealing? Don’t just dress sexily for everyone else, do it for your partner too. It can be daunting attending a club, and seeing people checking your partner out, can be a strange feeling. I have found that some guys I’ve dated have bought me lingerie or dresses to wear to parties that are gifts from them. Seeing me dressed in a gorgeous new outfit has been all part of the experience for them. When you know you both look good and are dressed in a way that turns you both on; it’s a huge boost to your self-esteem. 

What Should Men Wear To Swinger Clubs?

I’m afraid when it comes to swinger outfits, most advice out there is tailored for women. The majority of clubs have guidelines on what women should wear, but for the men, they usually just list ‘smart casual, no trainers or sports wear’ under the male dress code. I feel that very often men are overlooked and if they want to wear something other than jeans and a shirt, it can be difficult to even know where to begin! However, I have a few articles that I have written, designed with helping guys specifically. Check out what should guys wear to swingers parties, and what should men take to swinger clubs, to get the full low down!

What Shoes Should First Time Swingers Wear? 

We all have our preferences when it comes to shoes, and for me, I like high heels. Either in stiletto form or my thigh-high boots. Now, I understand that not everyone will feel comfortable wearing six-inch heels, so again, stick to what you are comfortable with! If you know you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them! Instead, choose shoes that are sexy, without being ott. Sometimes I find shoe boots with a slightly thicker heel can look sexy! 

When I attend parties, I don’t always turn up in my heels, especially if I will be wearing my precious boots. So instead, I wear a pair of soft ballet pumps that easily squish down into my bag after I have changed my footwear. If there is a hot tub or sauna, or jacuzzi in the club, it may be worth taking a pair of flip flops. Yeah, I know they aren’t sexy…but if you are like me and you enjoy lounging around a pool in your bikini or in the buff, then it makes sense! 

I’m afraid there aren’t as many options for guys when it comes to footwear unless it’s a kink/fetish event. My advice is to stick to the dress code, and if it says no trainers, then follow it! 

What Type Of Outfits Should First Time Swingers Wear?

Your first swinger experience may not necessarily be in a swingers club, it may be a house party, or a relaxed social meet and greet, or a themed party, or you may decide to go in feet first and attend a fetish event? Whatever you decide, I will provide you with a few ideas for making your first time a sexy success! 

First Time Couple In A Swinger Club

Now, you can wear whatever the hell-like, after all, you know what looks good on you, but what I will say is wear something that is makes you feel amazing, that flatters you and allows you to express your self. If this is a classic little black dress, then do it; if it’s a lingerie set, baby doll or chemise, then slip it on! Don’t feel as though you have to wear a corset if you don’t like them. No ones going to turn you down as you chose to wear a long backless dress as opposed to a short one. For men, the same rules apply; if you don’t feel comfortable dressing a certain way, then don’t. Sure, follow the guidelines, but if you don’t want to wear a shirt and jacket, you don’t have to. 

First Time Couple At A House Party

In my experience, most swingers turn up dressed in smart casual and usually strip off once the party gets underway. Of course, you can get changed into an outfit or have your lingerie on under your clothes. With house parties being smaller, more intimate gatherings, many people tend to get naked, but there’s certainly no obligation to. 

First Time At Fetish or Kink Event

I find that part of the joy of attending a fetish or kink event is getting dressed up and immersing myself in the surroundings. I like to go all out these days! But when I first started attending these events, I was a little more conservative. Some clubs do insist that you turn up dressed ready to party, and in which case, it may be a case of slipping a coat on over the top; you can then leave it in the cloakroom if you are feeling a little self-conscious. Many of the larger events do have strict dress codes, so always check them out. But if you want to be surrounded by like-minded kinksters also clad in skin-tight latex, knock yourselves out! 

First Time At A Swingers Meet And Greet

Social, relaxed and fun; swinger meet and greets and great for informal flirting and smooching with other couples! Playing with other people may not be on the agenda, so don’t feel pressured to turn up in something too full on! You could, of course, decide to play with other swingers later, in which case you could always take something to slip into. The emphasis when attending social meet and greets is less about getting down to it and more about getting to know one another. My advice is to wear something that you would be happy to go out for dinner with friends in, in the vanilla world. Nothing too formal, but not overtly sexual either. After all, you are letting people see you, not just sex party you. 

What To Wear To Themed Event For First Time Swingers

When I first started swinging, the club I attended used to hold ‘themed’ events. You know, uniforms, schoolgirl, PVC, lingerie, that type of thing. I can get on board with some of these, (we both know I’m a fan of PVC), but schoolgirl and air hostess? Urgh! For me, there’s nothing worse! I have never been a fan of themed dress-up; a maids outfit is as far as I will go, and only on very special occasions. So you can imagine my horror when an upcoming party was one of the ‘themed’ events. I wanted to go, but did I want to subject myself to wearing a grotesque tartan skirt and wearing my hair in pigtails like a twentysomething-year-old swinger girl child? You bet I didn’t! I found the whole concept quite revolting. 

So what did I do? Well, I attended dressed precisely how I wanted to. Sure some people had gone all out (each to their own), but for me, I decided to dress in my knee-length black skirt, tight top and heels; after all, all those naughty girls need disciplining, right? 

What Makeup Should I Wear To A Swingers Club? 

I have two golden rules that I follow when applying my swinger club make up.

1) Always use a primer- I hate it when my foundation rubs, creases or cakes. Even if you aren’t looking to get hot and heavy with other couples, it’s worth using a primer to prepare your skin. 

2) Your lipstick will smudge! Before you even start thinking about wrapping your lips around anything or anyone, it’s worth remembering that lipstick looks amazing but, it unless it’s smudge-proof or kiss-proof, it will slide off! Even if you spend the night kissing your own partner, it will smudge! So either invest in a good quality lipstick or keep reapplying. 

Shall I Take Accessories To A Swingers Club? 

There may be items that perhaps you don’t want to wear from the get-go, or maybe you like to see how the night unravels before you think about slipping on. When I talk about accessories when swinging, I don’t just mean your handbag and his belt! Nipple tassels, collars, belly chains and gloves; I have seen them all in swinger clubs! 

Top Tips For What To Wear For First Time Swinger Couples

  • Don’t overdo the jewellery! This applies to both men and women, so if you are a fan of piercings, especially intimate piercings, you may want to consider changing them for those that won’t catch or take them out. If you like to wear hoop earrings or chains (I like both), honestly, in my experience, they get caught up on just about every item of lingerie imaginable, so do be cautious! 
  • Use your swinger party outfit to get into character. Swinger parties are great excuses to dress in a way that we never normally get to. They allow us a freedom of expression that we usually keep hidden away. To express a side to our character that is rarely, if ever shared, is hugely liberating. 
  • No one is ever going to insist that you remove all your clothes! I can’t remember how many times I have said this to people, but it’s a question that I get asked fairly frequently. You don’t have to strip off naked to swing. You don’t have to strip down to your underwear or put on a more revealing outfit. You don’t have to walk around in your boxers or stand stark bollock naked! You can remove as little or as much as you wish to! Just because other people may love strutting around in nipple tassels, that doesn’t mean you have to. 

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