How to Swing in Lockdown

How To Swing In Lockdown as we all know, the current coronavirus has taken hold worldwide. The sudden changes to our way of life have been drastic. We have lost loved ones, isolated ourselves and had to make considerable sacrifices to protect our families. The pandemic has cruelly taken from us our regular way of life, our incomes, and our independence. Adjusting to lockdown life has been difficult, and I’m sure we can all agree that swinging and pursuing an alternative lifestyle has definitely and justifiably taken a backseat.

Here are my top tips for ways to continue the swinging fun in Lockdown:

As well as the government rules regarding social distancing, we must consider health and hygiene concerns, moral issues, and financial constraints. With all this in mind, however, we (the UK) are seeing some restrictions being lifted very gradually. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will be inspired, intrigued and able to kickstart your swinging lifestyle. It does not matter if you are already an established swinging couple or newbies who are taking their first steps; My six inspiring ways on how to swing in lockdown will have you craving couples in no time! So, as always, lay back, relax, and let thiskindagirl educate you xx

Articles On Swinging

During the lockdown, I, for one, have been occupying my time with learning new skills. (just to be clear, I’m not talking about knitting here, don’t worry this is still in context) With the aid of my trusty iPhone and YouTube tutorials, I can now apply a perfect Smokey eye. (always useful when attending parties) Alternatively, you could learn about how to flirt more openly, read books about body language (helpful when meeting new couples) listen to podcasts about relationships or read blog sites. Take this time to get clued up about your passions. You could also use this time to develop sexy new skills and mindsets. Ever fancied being a Dom? There are some great tutorials and Ebooks out there! Get searching and be inspired!

Get in Shape and Get Gorgeous!

Keep your health in check!

Get in shape and get gorgeous! I’m not going to tell you to subscribe to some rigorous exercise routine, and I for one am a firm believer that beauty comes in many forms, but exercise is an excellent boost for your mental health. If you struggled to make time for the gym pre lockdown but have found yourself working from home, take half an hour each day to walk or run in your local area. Stay safe and observe social distancing. If this isn’t your thing, or you are still in isolation, then get on YouTube and follow a straightforward 10-minute routine.

The best purchase I made at the start of the lockdown was the exercise mat that I ordered online. I now do 3 x 10-minute videos each morning. And the best thing about them is that aside from the mat, you do not need equipment or prior experience. Plus, when your partner sees you doing those thigh abductions, it will generate interest!

Explore Your Fantasies

Explore your fantasies. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you now have the time to get curious and creative. Being a woman, I find erotic literature a massive turn on and sometimes when I read something steamy it generates all kinds of sensual, sinful scenarios that I then want to explore deeper. Even if you are living alone right now, sharing these with your partner is still a great way of verbalising your fantasies and keeping the magic going. Maybe you could both write them down and compare notes once lockdown is over? Or send one another voice notes? Sending each other links to porn sites is also a great way of sparking conversation and often more comfortable than describing what you would like. Tap into the world of our senses with sounds, pictures and videos.

Have a Photo shoot

Put those skills to the test!

Arrange to do a photoshoot either together or apart. You can put those skills you learnt on YouTube to good practice and go all out! Hair, makeup, heels the lot! Perhaps you can have a good sort through your sex toys and tools and incorporate them into your pictures and videos. Taking great shots of one other and you together is pretty imperative if you want to upload a profile to an online site. Although there are profiles without pictures, for me, it is hard to build up rapport and trust without visual aids. Having a good supply of quality photos, made with care and attention will pay off when you can continue the lifestyle.

Safe Distanced Swinger Dates

Safe distanced swinger dates. Now this one does depend on the current government guidelines, as well as your situations. At the time of writing, in the UK we can meet outside in small groups (up to 6) if we remain 2 metres apart. With this in place, it would be quite possible to meet another couple for a safe initial first date. To everyone else it will look like four people socialising in the park, only you will be privy to the conversation. Use this time to get to know each another, share ideas and maybe set up a whats-app sexy group chat? Perhaps you could use voice notes to stimulate desire?


Kinky and daring!

 Another way to have a great swinger first date would be to invite another couple into your home via webcam. Again, this could be for an initial first date and chat, or something a little more intimate. Wait until the kids are in bed, get yourself relaxed and enjoy. Even if you are new to swinging, chatting about the lifestyle with another couple can be a great way to gain experience before you have committed to an event! Using a webcam is a great way to get used to having sex in front of other people and get used to seeing other people having sex. Don’t wait until your in an intimate situation at a party to see how it makes you feel. Some couples I have met are noticeably confident and strip off immediately! Whereas others are more comfortable with keeping a few items on. Try it out and see what works for you!

Chatroom and Forums

Chatroom and forums are another great way to share ideas and experiences. When I first started, the chat room on was a great place to gain information and learn popular swinger jargon. You can ask about popular clubs, fetish nights, ideas for kinky holidays. Honestly, the online community was so inclusive, I felt completely at ease. Experienced swingers can make recommendations and give you practical advice to help you on your way.

Mirror Image

If you are new to the lifestyle and feeling a little daunted at the prospect of getting your kit off on camera never mind physically in front of another couple, then having sex or enjoying foreplay in front of a large mirror can be a great way to get comfortable with the views. We are our own worst critic. I for one can readily tell you five things I dislike about my own body and if I was asked for five things I loved, I’d struggle. Get used to seeing one another naked in a mirror. Get used to how the backs of your thighs look, your hair from behind, your ass!  A large mirror is a great tool for getting comfortable.

I do hope this post has provided you with new inspiration to kickstart your kinky side, dust off your dildos and become super savvy swingers. If you want any more advice, then do, please get in touch! For now, stay safe and always check your government’s advice before taking any risks!

Speak soon, thiskindagirl

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