Is Swinging Just For Couples? 

Is Swinging Just For Couples? 

Is Swinging Just For Couples?In a word, no. Swinging is popular with single people, married couples, new couples. It doesn’t matter how you identify or what type of relationship you are in; there are many ways to get involved when it comes to ethical non-monogamy. This post will uncover why swinging isn’t just for couples and why many people make the wrong assumption about who is involved in the swinger scene. I will also be sharing how you can get involved in the Lifestyle and explain how single people can get a slice of swinger sex! 

So Is Swinging Just For Couples? Let’s find out! 

Why Do People Think Swinging Is Just For Couples? 

I understand why people assume that swinging is reserved only for couples; in fact, I have written a blog article on how common is swinging? Which makes for a pretty revealing read. *Spoiler alert* it’s a lot more popular than you think!  

When we think of swinging, we often associate the word swapping with it, as wife swapping or couple swapping is associated with people who partake in ethical non-monogamy. Plus, when you first dip your toes into the swinger lifestyle and start doing some research, most content out there is written for couples by couples. Or you are met with swinger dating sites aimed at couples. So, it’s easy to see why people may assume that swinging is only for couples. I talk more in-depth about swinger stereotypes here. 

Is Swinging For Single People? 

As a single girl in the Lifestyle, solo swinging is something that I know quite a lot about, from attending parties and events alone to meeting couples for dates; I never shy away from getting involved in the Lifestyle. I believe that women who choose to get involved in the Lifestyle alone uphold what it means to own your sexuality and are usually pure hedonists (you know I’m talking about myself, right?). 

They don’t wait until they are in a relationship to explore new and exciting possibilities; they go and seek them out. Yes, it is daunting, and yes, it does require you to be bold, but there’s nothing more liberating than attending a party alone and knowing you can have the sex you want on your terms. Well, that’s what I think anyway!

When it comes to single men, so many guys want to get involved, and I can see the appeal. When a single guy joins a couple to swing with, this offers intimacy without intimate, emotional attachment. They can have sex with either party or both without an awful lot of emotional investment on their part.  

Single people can attend clubs and parties, but single men often have to jump through a lot more hoops than their female counterparts. The best chance of attending a party is to put in some groundwork and be prepared to payout. I talk about single men and swinger clubs in detail in this article. 

What Makes Couples Start Swinging? 

People decide to join the Lifestyle for a variety of different reasons. Some people identify as Bisexual, and through swinging, they can express those parts of their personality and sexuality that would otherwise remain repressed within conventional monogamy. Whereas other people may wish to watch, couples have sex, or are exhibitionists and want to be watched themselves! There’s no right or wrong way to start, and very often, you get involved for one reason and then end up discovering something completely new! 

Is Swinging Good For Couples? 

Of course, there are negatives associated with swinging, but you will be pleased to know that, in my opinion and experience, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

A question that I am asked regularly is, ‘does swinging ruin your relationship?’ 

My answer is this; it will only ruin your relationship if you let it. If you don’t discuss rules, boundaries, and limits and dont have clear, honest conversations from the start, you won’t enjoy the Lifestyle. Want to learn how to talk about swinging? Yep, I got an article right here for that too. 

Do Couples Get Jealous? 

We all get Jealous. We all encounter envious emotions and believe me when I say I know exactly what it is like to experience jealousy in relationships.

Before I started swinging, I was a jealous person. I used to compare literally everything about myself to other women constantly. So what happened? I realised that my jealousy was not to do with my relationship but more deep-rooted in how I viewed myself as a person. 

Once I started swinging, I realised that my partner had no intention of running off with other women. The women and couples we met were great to play with but didn’t offer all the things I offered. There have been occasions I’ve witnessed couples acting jealously, and on occasion, previous partners have admitted to feeling jealous, but after we have taken time out and reconnected and explored why these emotions have arisen, we have been able to understand the triggers and find solutions together. 

Is Swinging For Same-Sex Couples? 

There’s a common misconception that swinging is for heterosexual, married, middle-class couples. Ok. 

Let’s stop right about there. This is 2021, and this stereotype is one that I have been working hard to banish! 

Swinging is for whoever wants to get involved! Whether you are a single Bisexual male, a same-sex couple, a single gay woman…it doesn’t matter! Sure, some clubs and events are more suited to you than others (Bi Night Anyone?), and you will find some swinger sites more fruitful than others, but generally speaking, the swinger community is open to all! I have met and played with straight people, fellow bisexuals and gay couples. Yes really! If you are open-minded and kinky, then that’s all I ask! 

How Can You Find Swingers?

So, have I whet your appetite? Want to know how to get involved? 

Come with me! 

Dear Thiskindgirl, where can I find swingers? This is by far one of the most popular questions that I have received over the last few months. 

Because of this, I have decided to offer dedicated workshops covering this exact topic! 

In my how to find swingers and swinger clubs workshop, I will share the most popular, tried and trusted websites, clubs, communities, and dating apps you can use to find swingers. 

Reviewing swinger clubs and swinger dating sites is something of a speciality of mine, so let me teach you all I know before you waste your time and money on a site or club that isn’t going to give you what you’re after. 

Come and get involved on social!

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