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Under The Covers With Thiskindagirl

The parties, the clubs, the meets, the nitty-gritty, down and dirty, the ‘omg did she just say that?’ Juice that I can only share with you in private.

Here, for you (and only you), is my pure, uncut (because we both know I get censored on social media) content. It’s where I get to pour my innermost secrets out and give you the lowdown on what happens under the covers here at

This is the content that is too hot for social media and that I would never rank for on google…

What experiences have I had? How did I start on my swinger journey? What is it really like to be thiskindagirl? What type of parties and events do I enjoy? What kind of porn do I like, and what do I buy when I go sex shop shopping? 

How does the swinger woman swing? 

After all, it must have crossed your mind?

How does she get down? What does she enjoy? The pegging? The BDSM parties? The orgies? 

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Thiskindagirl! xx

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