Did you know that I also do members-only content?

If you like the content on my site and would love to gain more of an insight into who I am, what I do and how I can help you, you are going to love my members only!


From masterclasses to tutorials, topics I can’t discuss on YouTube and questions I am sent from members. I love making video content, and these are especially for you! Discover what being a swinger is really like, how to get involved in the Lifestyle and my top tips for men, women and couples.

I host monthly video workshops where I share with you my experiences and insights.

From coming out to the world as a swinger to how to navigate events as a single person to exploring Ethical Non-Monogamy for women. My webinars are only available to members. Get ready for frank and forward discussion! This is what it’s REALLY like!

All workshops are made available to members so if you miss one or want to re-watch them, you can do so in the members-only area on buy me a coffee.com

Behind The Scenes

What is it like to get ready for a swinger party or event? What is it like going on a swinger date for the first time? How did I feel about doing a naked photoshoot? What clubs do I like to visit? Do I take sex toys to a party? Come behind the scenes with me and explore my world. This is where I share with you a hot topic, discovery or unusual aspect to being in the Lifestyle.

Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered. Get in touch with me and let me share my knowledge, expertise and insight into the world of ENM. Don’t be shy, it’s what I’m here for 🙂

Get Under The Covers With Thiskindagirl

The parties, the clubs, the meets, the nitty-gritty, down and dirty, the ‘omg did she just say that?’ Juice that I can only share with you in private.

Here, for you (and only you), is my pure, uncut (because we both know I get censored on social media) content. It’s where I get to pour my innermost secrets out and give you the lowdown on what happens under the covers here at thiskindagirl.com.

This is the content that I would never rank for on google…

What experiences have I had? How did I start on my swinger journey? What is it really like to be thiskindagirl? What type of parties and events do I enjoy? How does the swinger woman swing? 

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