My First Time Swinging Experience

My First Time Swinging Experience For this post, I thought that I would treat you, my lovely readers, to something a little different. Instead of an article detailing all how you can become sexy, savvy swingers, I thought I’d share with you the details of my first swinging experience; aren’t you lucky? So, slip into something comfortable, and let thiskindagirl do all the talking.

We met them online. Katya and her boyfriend, let us call him P. I remember checking out their profile on, and instantly my eyes widened. She was gorgeous, slightly taller than me, with dark straight hair, pale skin, and soft lips. He was Eastern European, tall with blue eyes and good physique. I clicked through their pictures and felt immediately drawn to shots of her in stockings and suspenders, black lace trim around the top of each thigh. Another was of her in a corset, her eyes cast down, a thick sexy collar around her neck.

I read their list of kinks and was pleased to learn that they matched ours; it was looking hopeful already! We exchanged messages, chatting about our likes and dislikes, and arranged to meet later that week for a drink. The initial meeting went well, we flirted, giggled, and got to know one another better. We made plans with them for the following weekend.

 All week my boyfriend and I discussed what we would like to experience with them, each time the fantasies getting hotter and hotter. I wondered if she enjoyed the taste of a woman as much as I did. I hoped so! I wondered what his cock would feel like inside me, and how she would look naked? The night before we sent them a message asking if they would like us to bring anything with us?

‘yes,’ they replied, ‘a flogger if you have one?’

I most definitely did and was sure to pack it along with a few changes of outfit. 

Saturday arrived, and I woke up feeling a tingle between my legs. I could not wait until that evening! As we got ready for the night, my boyfriend and I carried on discussing what we planned on enjoying with the couple. We had arranged to meet at a bar in Canary Wharf, and I had purposely chosen a tight black, knee-length skirt and heels. We walked in and spotted them immediately, we walked over and kissed one another cheeks. They were exactly as I had remembered, sexy, charming, and confident. I slid down in the seat next to her as the boys went to the bar.

Katya turned to me, and we began chatting about our plans for the evening. Our experiences if any, and our current relationships. I told her I had always been Bisexual but had yet to try swinging. I found her so easy to talk to when the boys returned; we continued to chat freely about our adventurous new lifestyle.

After a few drinks, we decided to leave the bar and head back to the apartment—a comfortable one-bedroom place with views of Canary Wharf that we hired for the evening. Once there, champagne was popped and poured, and we settled down on the sofas. Katya and I decided to get changed, and once in the bathroom, we both started to remove our clothes. I pulled her blue dress up over her head, and my eyes fell onto her pert tits.

Reaching behind, she undid her bra, and we both giggled. She pulled out a collar, and I fastened it at the back of her neck.

Dressed in stockings and suspenders; we made our way back into the lounge. Setting down on the sofas,  I pulled her into me and felt her soft lips on mine. Her tongue was going deeper into my mouth while my hands began to make their way down her body.

The boys had now removed their shirts and undone their jeans.  They were both putting on condoms, soon and Katya and I were sucking on their cocks, each of us desperate for them.  P’s cock was thick and felt hot and hard against my lips.  He pulled out of my mouth and moved behind her while she continued to deep throat my boyfriend. (we shall call him G) I went to join her, and we stopped every so often to kiss and caress one another tits.

He pulled out of her, and I instantly moved my attention to between her legs. I could see how wet she was and gently slid my fingers inside her, G whispered in my ear that P was going to fuck me and while I worked her with my fingers, P changed the condom and slid into me. She continued to suck on Gs cock, her moans getting ever louder. I traced my tongue in between her legs; she tasted delicious! Remembering that I had brought the flogger they had requested, hurriedly I went to retrieve it from my bag. I whispered that I had it in my hand, and she gasped.

 ‘yes please.’

I flicked the tasselled ends over her thighs, and she giggled. P looked over admiringly and slid back into me.

‘oh, she loves that’ he said.

G moved behind her. Both of us were having amazing sex with sexy people. We were all getting what we wanted without any drama! I felt Ps cock throbbing inside me, and he came while grabbing onto my ass. I could not believe how relaxed we all were.  He pulled his cock out and immediately, Katya began to eat me out, while G continued to fuck her. I ran my hands through her hair as her tongue flicked over me. I heard Gs breathing quicken, and instinctively I knew he was going to come.

Exhausted, we lay back on the sofas; the night had gone better than I could have ever imagined! It was such a revelation to see how happy we all were, to see and do the things we had discussed was fantastic. I wondered why we hadn’t explored this life sooner.

Afterwards, we got dressed, and I had a long, lingering kiss goodbye with Katya. We promised to text them in a few weeks and made our way home.  I knew we had made the right decision to pursue our fantasies and desires. All the concerns and reservations I had previously harboured felt so insignificant.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing and reminiscing about it!

I look forward to sharing all of my knowledge, inside sexy secrets and experiences with you again.

See you then, thiskindagirl xx

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