As a Swinging Expert, Instagram Influencer, and Relationship Counsellor with an interest in Ethical Non-Monogamy, I am quite accustomed to being asked for advice and help by my fans and followers, customers and clients.

I am happy to offer reviews of your swingers club, or swingers event, lifestyle website, swinger dating site, private hire premises, online stores, adult products, clothing, lingerie or beauty products that are all beneficial to those in the lifestyle.

I regularly write articles detailing my experiences of various clubs and events I have attended. It is important that I am able to gain an insight into which clubs are suitable for my followers. As an influencer, my opinion on clubs and events, as well as online sites and stores is followed closely by my fans.

Every person I speak to has a desire to experience different scenarios and I use my knowledge and opinion of different clubs, events, products and services to help people negotiate their way through the non-monogamous lifestyle.

If you would like to me review your business, do please get in touch with me via the contact form to discuss the details.

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I have extensive experience in commissions, writing articles, real-life accounts and advice guides that feature on my own site, fellow bloggers sites and blog segments on websites. I have taken part in interviews, written articles for different companies, and I am part of an expert panel, consulting for a couples subscription box company. I also work closely with the leading lifestyle venue in the UK.

I am happy to write a piece for your website or blog and offer my advice and input for your articles, site or product.

I am happy to feature your product or company in my social media feed.

Get in touch with me via the contact form to start a relationship.

P.S There are a lot of places that you can view my work. If you click here, you get them all in one place.Come and get involved on social!

Come and get involved on social!