Single Female Swingers How To Choose A Great Hotel 

Single Female Swingers How To Choose A Great Hotel I have just returned home from Purple Mamba Club In Nottingham, where I visited and played as a single swinger.

In this article, I am going to share with you how single girls can stay safe when swinging and what they should look for in a hotel. Trust me when I say there’s a lot to learn! From selecting the right location to top tips on staying safe, if you are visiting a club as a single girl, then this is post is going to give you all my best insights!

Of course, this information can also be used by couples and single guys. However, I am a single girl, so I have written it from that perspective. 

Anyhow, you know what I mean!

Let’s get straight down into it and talk all things sexy hotel suite as I share with you how Single Female Swingers can stay safe and How To Choose A Great Hotel.

Please click here if you want to hear about how I played the club and who I met. From strap on sex to foot worship, you will find all the juicy details and behind the scenes pictures of what I wore, all in one place!

Can Single Women Visit Swinger Clubs?

Yes! And if you know which are suitable for single women, you will have an even better experience. Many clubs, if not all, advertise that they are great for single girls, but are they? What if it’s your first time swinging? Or first time to that particular club? I have visited a lot of swinger parties in my time, and there’s some that I absolutely would recommend and some that I definitely wouldn’t. And being a single female in the Lifestyle, I know a thing or two about staying safe when swinging! 

Understandably, safety is paramount when single women are looking to attend a swingers club. You don’t want to be getting down to it and be looking over your shoulder, concerned about what’s happening around you. 

Luckily, swinger club owners are safety conscious, and they work hard to create a relaxed and safe environment for all their guests. The last thing they want is for people to feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Of course, you should always practice safe sex and have your own rules and boundaries that you follow when playing with people. Don’t be afraid to state what you are and aren’t okay with. 

Luckily, Purple Mamba ticked all the boxes when it came to suitability for single women, and I felt safe and relaxed as soon as I entered the club. 

Why Did I Choose The Lacemarket Hotel?

I chose the Lace Market as I wanted a hotel that was in a great central location, that was open 24 hours, was relaxing (I needed time out after all that swinging), and one where I could write and make content from; have you read my most recent members only? But also one that gave access to plenty of great facilities when I was getting ready

From the decadent bubble bath to the drencher shower, I bathed and washed my hair with the luxurious designer toiletries and afterwards wrapped myself up in the fluffy robe. 

The room itself was, in fact, a suite and allowed me plenty of space to 1) hang up my swinger party outfit safely and also 2) make full use of the sofa, stairs, full-length mirror and king size bed. 

How To Stay Safe

I always choose hotels that offer 24-hour concierge; I know that most do, but if you decide to stay in a smaller B&B, then chances are the door will be locked by 11 pm as most smaller hotels and guest houses can be a touch DIY and no one likes to be fumbling for keys in the dark! I found it very reassuring when I returned to the Lace market at 1.30 am and was met by the night manager. 

Choose a hotel with a late checkout. No one likes to be up early, especially on the weekend and especially after a swingers party. I checked out at 11 am, which allowed me plenty of time to order breakfast to my room, chill out in bed and have a bath. Yes, I love baths!

I find that reconnecting after swinging is an essential part of the process. So feeling comfortable and relaxed is really important. When choosing a hotel, look for one that offers you privacy and comfort. I mean, budget hotels are great, but they are budget for a reason.

Choose somewhere that you can unwind away from other guests.

If you are a single woman, then taking time to reconnect with your body by having a bath, perhaps slipping on a nice robe, and snuggling up in bed with a cup of tea or a glass of prosecco are all great ways to unwind. I ran myself a bath, scattered in gorgeous smelling bath salts, lay back and closed my eyes.

What Made This Hotel Great For Single Swingers?

Firstly its central location is in proximity to the club! And secondly, the reception manager knew of the club’s location, which proved helpful when arranging a taxi. The last thing I wanted was to be explaining where an adult club to a taxi driver who may or may not have even known of its existence. 

I found the staff to be accomodating and so helpful, they assisted me with my bags, arranged a taxi for me and even helped take some pictures of me in my outfit. 

I love getting ready to go to swinger parties and spending a good hour in front of the mirror is time well spent! At the Lacemarket, I was able to powder my face in peace. 

I felt very safe and welcomed upon arrival, check-in was easy, and they allowed me to check in slightly earlier than the designated time.

Please click here if you want to hear about how I played the club and who I met. From strap on sex to foot worship, you will find all the juicy details and behind the scenes pictures of what I wore, all in one place!

Is The Lacemarket Hotel Suitable For Swinger Couples? 

Although I’m writing this article from the standpoint of a single swinger, there’s no reason why a swinger couple wouldn’t enjoy the hotel and all that it has to offer. From luxury suites to onsite dining, if you want to make a weekend of it, then there’s plenty to keep you busy. 

I loved that I could order breakfast in my room; perfect for when you’re spending the morning in bed! Plus, with his and hers sinks, a bath definitely big enough for two and that fantastic walk-in shower, I could see lots of potential ways to enjoy everything the room had to offer. 

Information For Swingers Visiting The Lacemarket Hotel 

  • There is parking available nearby and I saw several car parks close to the hotel. 
  • I walked to and from the station, and it probably was a 10-minute walk at the most. 
  • The hotel is located in the historic lace market district. If you like strolling around landmark cities and sniffing out coffee shops, which is what I did when I arrived in Nottingham on Saturday afternoon, you will find plenty of places to grab a latte and a cinnamon swirl. I recommend the Little Pumpkin Cafe as it’s almost opposite the hotel and the food was delicious. 
  • If you plan to spend some time in Nottingham but don’t want to venture too far from the hotel, the Justice Museum is located opposite. And if you anything like me and enjoy some CP, I think it will be right up your street! 
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