Swinging Advice For Women

Swinging Advice For Women the advice I’m about to give you is the same advice I wish I’d gotten when I took my first tentative dip into the swinger lifestyle.

Before we get started, here are my top 5 tips for female swingers;

  • Hydrate well in advance, especially if you will be drinking.
  • Don’t be tempted to wear too much jewellery, it will snag and get caught!
  • Take two pairs of shoes, fold a small pair of flat shoes into your bag
  • Invest in good quality false lashes, or even the magnetic ones as the cheap glue on ones can slide off in the heat of a party
  • Try your outfit on well in advance of the party.

What To Know About Swinging For Women

These top tips are my sexy swinger lifestyle hacks! Now that I consider myself an experienced swinger, I am so excited to bring you my genius hacks for fellow female swingers. If you put these steps in place, I will guarantee you will be a savvy swinger in no time! So, as always, sit back, relax and read on. I’m about to teach you all I know to make your first swinging experience an all-round more satisfying one.

  • Rehydrate well in advance! A lack of fluids entering the body can lead to water retention, feeling bloated, and it slows the digestive system. My advice is to drink plenty of water well in advance. Taking on plenty of fluids will minimise your stomach from ballooning, (if your anything like me, you will know what I’m talking about) I up my fluid intake a few days before a party to ensure I’m fully topped up. If you are going to be drinking alcohol, then you will want to minimalise dehydration as much as possible. Before the party, drink plenty of water and while you are there, pace yourself with a soft drink in between each glass of fizz. I find that some swinging parties can be very hot and sweaty experiences. Sweating, coupled with alcohol, can leave you are feeling a little worse for wear by the end of the night. Not cool! Give yourself a helping hand and drink plenty of water!
Razor, cream or wax?
  • I always do any ‘intimate’ hair removal the day before the party. Now I’m not saying that you should whip it all off in the name of swinging, and if you like to leave it au natural, then that’s entirely your choice. But, if you do decide to do some ‘scaping then follow this advice; Firstly, these things take time, and you don’t want to be in a hurry on the day. So, whether you choose to book in for a wax, or do it at home, give yourself plenty of time to get it right. More often than not, my skin can feel a bit sensitive afterwards, so leaving it for 24 hours before it comes into contact with any tickly surface is a good idea.

  • I like to get my eyebrows and lashes tinted the day before the party. Not only does it save time on the day, but I like to make sure the salon can fit me in. I do not like to leave things to chance- you have probably noticed this! Also, I get my eyebrows threaded, and when combined with the tinting, this can sometimes leave the skin around the area a little red. Add some makeup into the mix and a night of getting hot and bothered- this lead to the skin becoming red, so again, let the area completely rest for 24 hours.

  • Taking a change of clothes with you is necessary, even if you are driving to the party. Wearing your winter coat over your skimpy number may seem like a good idea, and it is, but trust me. Take something reasonably normal to throw on. For me, I put on my outfit (usually a tight short dress) with my stockings etc. underneath and then put on a pair of black leggings. I throw my jacket on over the top, and for anyone who does see me, it just looks like I have on tight leggings and a sexy top. Wearing clothes like this is especially useful if you are using public transport to get to and from the party. I learnt the hard way! Don’t be me! Once I get to the party, I simply remove the leggings and pull down my dress (well, a tiny bit) and put the leggings into my handbag.
Stilettos? Thigh high boots?
  • Take two pairs of shoes. Depending on the type of girl you are, your choice of footwear might need taking into consideration. If you like high ‘stripper’ stilettoes or thigh-high ‘mistress’ boots, (FYI, I like both!) you probably don’t want the great British public catching a glimpse of you in them. You want to avoid taking public transport or walking up to the venue in your sexy heels. So, here’s my hack. I put my kinky shoes into my designated swinger party handbag and leave the house in flat, ballet pump style slip-on shoes. These are both comfortable and squish down nice and small into my bag. Once I’m there, I whip them off (along with my leggings) and slip into my sexy heels. At the end of the night (I’m pretty sure your feet will be hurting, especially if there is a dancefloor in the club) those flat shoes will feel like heaven!

  • I used to use false eyelashes but found these were impractical, and when things got a little hot and heavier, they would end up starting to peel off. If you do use them, I suggest either taking the glue with you to reapply them or spending out on an expensive brand.

  • Don’t wear too much jewellery, especially things that can get caught, tangled and damaged. The number of times I’ve had to detangle myself from another woman’s necklace! My advice is to leave it at home, or wear a collar or choker!
Sexy but fiddly!

  • Try on your outfit well in advance of the party. Don’t leave it until the day of the party to put it on only to discover it doesn’t look as you had planned. Try it on, mix it up with different knickers and suspenders, see what sort of bra looks best (if any). Get used to how it feels on your body. The first party I ever went to, I spent the whole night fiddling with the outfit as it just wouldn’t sit right! I wasn’t confident enough at that point to just take it off, so I put up with it. These days I try on a few looks and get inspired by different photographers and models.

  • Makeup- I’m always torn when it comes to what makeup look I choose to wear. Sometimes I love a dramatic Smokey eye with plenty of eyeliner, and other times I go for a more natural look. Whatever you choose, make sure its hassle-free. Chances are your make up will invariably get smudged, kissed off or sweated on! So, use high-quality products with staying power. I use a lasting finish primer to help keep my make up in place. I suggest investing in one as it does help.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you my sexy swinger lifestyle hacks! Your first venture into this sexy lifestyle should be a stress-free and satisfying one! It would make me so incredibly happy to hear from you, my lovely followers. Do please get in touch and make a girls day!

Much love thiskindgirl xx

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