Swinging and Mental Health

Swinging and Mental HealthTaking good care of your mental health is equally as important as your physical wellbeing. In today’s modern world it’s far to easy to become stressed, anxious and out of touch with our emotions. If we don’t spend enough quality time with our partner, we can become frustrated, agitated and downright miserable. But luckily, for you my dear readers, the men and women who do indulge in an alternative lifestyle, I have all the reasons why you guys are on your way to becoming smart, stress-free swingers.

We all know that sex is a great form of stress release. It’s absolutely key to our survival as a  race.  it’s the only way we can pass on our genes and we as humans spend most of the time consciously and subconsciously thinking about it. It’s natural, it’s amazing, and for me, should be enjoyed as frequently as possible!  

Is Swinging Good For My Relationship?

Sex deepens bonds, releases oxytocin and before you orgasm, endorphins are released that flood the brain and body. Sex is amazingly powerful and along with it come a whole range of emotions. Lust, love, desire and desperation, they are all fuelled by sex. Simultaneously,  Being viewed as sexy and desirable is an amazing boost to self-esteem and mood. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you like to do in bed when someone makes you feel sexy,  whether that’s your lover telling you how beautiful you are or someone who checks you out as you enter a room (hopefully a swingers party) we all get a little boost!

Here are my top reasons why I believe swinging is beneficial for your mental health;

  • As we all know, sex is a stress releasing super cure! Get kinky and feel calmmmm!
  • It allows us to express parts of our character that otherwise stay hidden in our normal daily lives. Sometimes I find it so beneficial to be 100% in control in the bedroom (having someone completely at my mercy is an amazing feeling!)  At times, containing and repressing parts of our character is necessary, but for the most part, it leaves me feeling frustrated and in turn, unhappy. Harnessing those emotions and channelling them in a healthy way is great fun. If you spend your working day being the boss,- completely in control and respected by your coworkers, then chances are that in the bedroom, you may be happy for someone else to be in charge? Food for thought perhaps?
Swinging allows for expression of self
  • As well as expressing parts of our character that normally stay hidden, sex can allow us to take on the persona of someone completely different, without making any lasting changes to our appearance. Always known as the shy brunette girl with sensible shoes and the cardigan at work? Change it up in the bedroom, with the use of wigs, killer heels and PVC dresses. (If this is your thing) Changing up your style in complete privacy is an amazing way to boost your sex drive and your self-esteem.  Take it one step further and attend a swingers club in your get up! The great thing about attending new clubs and parties is that you can be anyone you want. Own that outfit and let the compliments come rolling in!
  • When I’m at a party or an event and  I see my partner having a great time, it makes me feel so content that I can share the experience with them. When I know that they are having an amazing time, it gives me so much satisfaction. Whether that’s a BDSM party night where he’s in control or a private meet where I get to call the shots over the men and women in attendance, when the fantasies are being fulfilled together, it’s the best feeling.
  • Swingers are some of the most honest and down to earth people you could ever hope to meet. If you are new to the lifestyle, take your time and talk to others, we have all been there once and it can be a little scary! airing your questions and concerns, surrounded by people who are supportive and open-minded is one of the best places to do it, whether you choose to join a forum, on sdc.com, DM on Instagram or have to get chatting at events, you can be sure that your fears will soon be eased. 
  • Due to the nature of swinging itself, many people choose to keep their lifestyle private and are not quick to open up about what they like to do at the weekends with anyone other than their significant other. I completely understand this, and although I’m open about what I do with my close friends, that’s about the extent of it. Having that bond, between you and your loved one, is truly beneficial to your mental health, it’s a private world, away from the distractions of regular life where no kids, work ties or family constraints can interfere. It’s your indulgent, quality time together and that’s so important for lasting bonds.
  • Swinging encourages you to be more vocal with your loved one. It stimulates conversation, evokes desire and allows you both to share your fantasies. Communication is key in lasting relationships, I actively encourage all couples of all genders, sexualities and kinks to get talking. Discuss what you would like, or not like to see. Discuss how situations make you feel, or not. What new experiences have you enjoyed? I prefer to view life as a huge sexy adventure, once you start talking, it’s hard to stop!
  • To keep my mental health in great shape, I exercise regularly and eat well. Long before I became a sexy, savvy, swinger I was attending the gym a few nights a week.  Exercising and taking time to completely shut off from the rest of the world (headphones on) is a great way for me to unwind. It’s something that I continue with now as it’s so beneficial. As I have explored this lifestyle more intimately, I have maintained my active lifestyle. It’s natural self-esteem boosting, heart rate pounding, sweaty way of feeling hot!

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