Swinging For Young Couples -My Night With Allure

Swinging For Young Couples -My Night With Allure I have just returned from spending an evening with Allure in Liverpool and have been in the company of some of the most hedonistic party hosts I have encountered yet!
The allure event, hosted by Cheshire_kink and Thesexpistols_townhouseclubuk, promised me a night of sexy fun for those aged 39 and under, suitable for newbies and experienced swingers. I certainly had high expectations of the event, and with it being aimed at younger swingers, I knew the vibe would be really different from other events I have visited.

Swinging For Young Couples My Night With Allure

Although this event was held at Townhouse Club in Wirral, it was the event itself that I was there to review, not the club. To read my review of The Townhouse, click here.

How Can I Find Young Swingers?

Young swingers do exist! If you know where to look! Last night I was in a sea of sexy under 39s who were all enjoying the swinger lifestyle.
If you thought swinging was for older people, or more ‘mature’ married couples, then Allure will prove you wrong! With it being aimed at a younger crowd, a lot of their advertising is done via social media, which I found them. Young swingers also use sites like Fab and SDC, so be sure to check them out if you are not a fan of mixing your social media with your swinging!

What Is Allure?

Allure is the brainchild of Cheshire Kink and TheSexPistols_Townhouseclubuk, who use the Townhouse to host their events. I found them via their Instagram page, and to purchase tickets, I went through the Townhouse website.
If you are looking for young swingers only, this event certainly delivers. They promise to provide both first-time swingers and experienced men, women and couples an event that is not to be missed and sexy as hell.

If you are looking for an event that does exactly what it says on the tin, then you will love Allure. With it being solely aimed at a younger crowd, the event organisers predominantly use social media for advertising the event.
About a week before the event took place, I was added to a dedicated Kik messager group, where attendees could get to know one another, flirt and exchange pictures. This provided me with a better idea of what to expect and the type of people in attendance. If you are familiar with Fab swingers, you will know that Kik is a popular messaging option for those in the Lifestyle.

How To Get Tickets

Tickets are limited, and to get your hands on them; you need to visit either the Allure page on social media or the Townhouse website and have a look through events.
They don’t offer membership for their events, but single guys are vetted first.
Couples tickets are £25, Single guys are £30, and Single girls are £10.

What Events Do They Offer?

Allure offer events that are aimed exclusively at swingers under 39. Think high-end venues, lots of social media interaction, and a great mix of couples, single women and single men. I found that the hosts don’t just organise the events, but they take their responsibilities as hosts seriously. The large team at Townhouse were available throughout the night to ensure all their guests were well looked after.
It’s sexy fun and games with an excitable younger crowd.

How Younger People Enjoy Swinging

One thing that struck me about the Allure event was the diverse mix of guests. Sure, the one thing they all had in common was they were younger, but once we got chatting (and they were a chatty bunch), I discovered that there weren’t just ‘swingers’ there, but people who enjoyed all different aspects of the Ethically Non Monogamous Lifestyle.

I met Polyamorous couples, married couples, single bi girls who don’t have the time or inclination to have a long term partner and couples in open relationships.
This demonstrated a shift in what younger people who enjoy Ethical Non-Monogamy want.
No longer are they identifying as ‘swingers’ and can now surround themselves with like-minded, liberal individuals who appreciate that there is more than one way to live. Well done, Allure, for bringing everyone together!

What Facilities Are Available?

Now, the Townhouse is a gorgeous club, and I do have a dedicated post on the night I spent with them. I can easily see why Allure chose to host its event here.
From the hot tub to the couples playrooms to the kink rooms, Townhouse cater to everyone!

Did I Feel Safe?

Due to the number of male and female staff available, I felt really safe at the event.
There were 30 single female guests, and this number speaks for itself. There’s a secure car park right next to the venue, and the staff walk you to your car; plus, they have their own dedicated taxi service for the club. At no point did I feel pressured or creeped out. Yes, there were several single guys there, but they were experienced and knew the protocol. There was no one following women around the club or unwelcomed touching. People were playing so openly was a good indication of how safe everyone was feeling.

The organisers were really strict with their covid checks, and I had to prove I had had both my vaccines or had done a Lateral Flow Test before the event. It was reassuring to know they were taking the covid regulations seriously.

My ID was also checked, and it was encouraging to know that they monitor who is in attendance at their events so that the organisers can record any undesirable behaviour.

How Did I Find Them?

Social media is the way forward with Allure, but they also have their events on the Townhouse website. Single guys are vetted, and usually, priority is given to guys who have attended other Townhouse events. They are strict with the number of people they let in, but I could see that the single gents in attendance were experienced in the Lifestyle and were respectful, genuine swingers. To find out about Allure events, check out their social media here.

Where Did I Stay?

I stayed in Bromborough and chose a hotel close by as my base for the entire weekend. With the event only a 15-minute drive away, Bromborough made a great base.

Why Do I Recommend Allure?

Not only does Allure cater to hedonistic under 39’s they also provide an environment where body positivity, inclusivity and safe sex are paramount. I know that the thought of getting undressed by a certain time is daunting for some people, and I do understand why, but one thing I did find is that the younger swingers at Allure had no reservations about stripping down to their underwear.

If you thought you had to ‘be’ a certain way to enjoy a lifestyle party, then I challenge you to think again. The level of confidence on show was amazing. All bodies of all shapes and sizes and types were all together. I found that because most people were in their underwear, it created an environment that was a lot more relaxed than some other events I had been to.
Sure, you don’t have to strip down, and some people didn’t, but if you want to play after 11 pm upstairs, you are expected to be in your underwear. Definitely an event for the bold and the brave! But with this comes acceptance and a realisation that we are all gorgeous and all different.

Who Wouldnt I Recommend This event For?

I need to tell you that the Allure crowd are very sociable and excitable. They most definitely arent shy.
Yes, they accept young swingers who are new to the scene, but be prepared to see a lot of flesh!

The guests have no reservations about stripping down to their underwear, so be prepared to be surrounded by scantily clad swingers. This doesn’t mean you have to remove your clothes. But if you aren’t used to it, then you may be a bit wide-eyed. If you are usually shy or reserved, you need to be prepared for Allure.
Allure events are not for the faint of heart. To say they are sociable is an understatement. Everyone was talking to everyone! This is great if you are a professional schmooze, but it can be overwhelming if you are new to the scene.

Will I Be Back To Allure?

Allure is different; with a younger crowd, excitable energy and an electric atmosphere. It’s swinging in full force! If you like your play upfront and have no reservations about getting your kit off, you will love it!
For me, I loved how many single girls were there and how many different types of swingers I met. The couples were friendly and drama-free, the single guys were genuine and gorgeous, and the single girls knew exactly what they wanted! Yes, I’ll be back to Allure!

Come and get involved on social!

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