Upcoming Workshops

Here you will find the upcoming dates and times of the next workshops that I am running.

If you miss any, don’t worry, all past workshops will be recorded and uploaded to the members-only area on Buy Me A Coffee.

If you have any requests then please get in touch as I’m happy to add to the topics that I cover!


11th November 7pm First Time Swingers

My workshops for first-time swingers are suitable for men and women, couples or singles. However you identify, regardless of your sexuality, if you want to learn about swinging, this is a great place to start. From walking into a club for the first time to dealing with jealousy and insecurity, whatever fears and reservations you may have, I’m here to help you. 

First-time swingers are something of a speciality of mine; I pride myself on being approachable and non-judgemental. Please don’t be shy; I’m here to help you!

In this workshop, you will learn what exactly is swinging? What is ethical non-monogamy? why do people get involved in the Lifestyle, and what you can expect from getting involved in the swinger scene.

25th November 7 pm How To Meet Swingers

In my how to meet swingers and how to find swinger clubs workshop, I will teach you how to find swingers online and how to find swinger clubs.

I will share the most popular, tried and trusted websites, clubs, communities, and dating apps you can use to find swingers.

Some sites you may have heard of, but are they suitable for first-time swingers? Where can you find fetish and kink communities? What clubs are out there? And which ones should you avoid? Reviewing swinger clubs and swinger dating sites is something of a speciality of mine, so let me teach you all I know before you waste your time and money on a site or club that isn’t going to give you what you’re after.


10th December 3 pm How To Talk About Starting Swinging?

In this masterclass, I share what it is like to have a conversation about starting swinging with your partner and their possible responses. I share with you my top tips and advice on how to save that all-important conversation.

In this workshop, I share my own experiences of having that conversation and how I went from my initial reservations and worries to now giving advice! Talking about starting swinging is scary, but with my help, it doesn’t have

15th December Jealousy and Swinging Masterclass

Before I learnt how to deal with jealousy, I would continuously find myself comparing my looks and body shape to others. I was riddled with insecurities, anxiety and doubt. I would constantly feel insecure and envious when other women even spoke to my partner. So how did I go from being in this nightmare and relatable position to being the one giving advice?

Join me for my Jealousy and Swinging Masterclass where I talk about what jealousy is, overcoming jealousy in your relationship and how to create the right mindset for successful swinging. I share with you my inside secrets and top tips for men, women and couples.


5th January Jealousy In Relationships

Jealousy is an emotion that is 100% normal and very natural response. We give ourselves and our partners a really hard time when we either feel envious of others or have envious thoughts toward our partners. This workshop aims to uncover why we feel envy in our relationships and explains how to acknowledge our emotions, overcome jealousy and find a way to enjoy our relationships without being constantly riddled with anxious, envious thoughts.

If I can overcome jealousy, and trust me I was the jealous type then so can you!

Join me for my Jealousy and Relationships workshop where I talk about how to understand jealousy and how to create the right mindset for a successful relationship. I share with you my inside secrets and top tips for men, women and couples.

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