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Members Only How I Like To Party: Attending A Swingers Club As A Single Girl

Attending A Swingers Club As A Single Girl

Solo swinging is something I have previously enjoyed, and I have met couples via fab swingers and sdc for threesome swinger fun. I have also had surprising swinger success via ‘vanilla’ dating apps and have attended a party once before when flying solo.

But last night was different.

Last night felt different. Tasted different. I was different.

Without a partner to rely on, I had to put all my knowledge, experience and swinger skill set to the test.
At 8. pm, I opened my wardrobe and emptied my ‘swinger bag’ contents on my bed. I considered each item of clothing carefully and thought about how they would be received. What image would I be portraying?

Tracing my fingertips over various bras, corsets and dresses, my fingers paused on one item in particular.
Yes! I thought. This would do nicely!

I chose my black PVC teddy suit, the one that zips up the front, and paired it with my favourite stilettos. I then pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and slipped my leather jacket on over the top.
To the unsuspecting passer-by, I would look like a sexy rock and roll redhead. Without being ott, I had to make sure my outfit was sexy for those fleeting moments of arrival and departure from the club.
In my handbag, I carried my swinger party essentials; condoms, knickers (I wasn’t wearing any under my outfit), lipstick, perfume, my purse (I buy my own drinks) and the last of a box of cigarettes.

Sliding into the uber at 9.30 pm, the driver caught my eye.
‘Leman Street, right?’
The butterflies licked at my stomach.


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Members Only Blog Post: Dom Me Daddy, What Is Public Humiliation Play REALLY Like?

I find that this particular kink is the marmite of the sex world. You either totally get down with it or are heavily against it. And I think you know which category I fall into? Yep, you guessed it, dress me in a collar and parade me through the supermarket! When it comes to public humiliation play, I’m a fan! But what exactly is public humiliation play, and why do people enjoy it? 

Interestingly, risque sexual encounters are part of our genetic makeup and the fantasy of being caught having sex outside, or being seen doing something sexual that causes you embarrassment, is far more common and more human than you may care to think. 

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Members Only Video: Under The Covers With Thiskindagirl! What’s In My Toybox?

I did a photoshoot and for that shoot, I chose to wear this…

So as ever, close the bedroom door, turn the lights down low and let me share with you what it’s like to bear all! If you want to get your hands on the little lacy number in the video and make your own photoshoot pictures, check out this gorgeous number by Kinky Angel!

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