Why Do I Wear Thigh High Boots? 

Why Do I Wear Thigh High Boots?This article was requested to me a few months ago by one of my fans and fellow fetish enthusiasts over on Instagram. At the time of the request, I was nipple deep in writing my practical ‘how to guides’ and didn’t give the specialised article request much thought. However…fast forward six months, and I finally have time to put pen to paper and write at length about one of my all-time fetish footwear favourites. Move over Kurt Geiger heels (my previous favourite) and hello heavenly thigh highs. 

Why Did I Choose To Write About The Boots?  

It has become apparent that every time I post to social media and include the boots, either in a picture, or a caption, it generates a lot of interest. 

Often, I receive questions, comments, and colourful descriptions of devotional acts from people who lust after them, and sometimes the wearer. As well as this apparent appreciation, which I must admit, is a huge boost to ones ego, I also get sent questions by people who are genuiely curious about them. 

From ‘where did you get them, I’d love to get a pair for my wife!’ to ‘what is it like to wear them?’ I figured that they deserved an article all of their very own! 

So, while the other items in my TKG Toybox look on enviously, I shall be slipping my feet into them, running the zip alllll the way up the inner thigh and resting dainty size 5, PVC clad, feet on my desk…(you know I do this). Now that I am sitting comfortably, we shall begin….

Why I Bought Them

Truth be told, they were bought for me by an ex, who was very keen for me to Dom him. At the time, I’d only had the experience of being submissive to him, and we had just started our swinger journey. I was yet to discover that I had a mean little dominatrix inside me, but once I slipped on the boots, she began to claw her way into existence. 

I had no idea how useful the boots and other purchases I subsequently made would become in being used as ‘props’. 

I remember that they were bought from an ‘adult’ shop in Soho; sadly, the shop isn’t there anymore due to the regeneration of the area in recent years. In fact, I think it’s a cake shop now. That being said, I suppose I could always visit, in said boots, I do like a vanilla slice…

I believe they cost around £80. Which I know is a lot but considering they are a few years old and I have worn them on many an occasion, I think they were worth splashing out on! 

What Do I Wear Them With? 

I have worn these beauties on so many occasions (I’ll cover that next), but in terms of what outfits I have worn them with, however, they are surprisingly flexible!

Sometimes I team them with my black buckle up corset and PVC skirt; on other occasions, I pair them with tight jeans and wear them out and about in what I like to call ‘almost vanilla’ life! 

I find that they are borderline kinky. They are most definitely sexy and come with a NSFW warning! I tend to wear them if I’m attending a kink social event or indulging in some public humiliation. 

On one occasion in a club, I stripped off down to my underwear and wore them and pretty much only them! 

How I Like To Incorporate Them Into Swinging

As I have said, I have worn them to swinger clubs, and to be honest, not that many people choose to wear thigh-high boots, so I find that if I want to cause a stir (pretty much always!), then I put them on! If it’s a fetish club or kink event, then I pretty much always wear them. 

If I’m meeting in private and a couple has expressed a desire to be submissive to me (if they are a BDSM couple), then I do like to start with a bit of boot and then foot worship. Sometimes, depending on a person’s limits and kinks, they will have to suck on the heel or lick up the inner zip. I do, however, clean the boots first at home with mild detergent and keep them clean until they are to be incorporated into the play session. There have been occasions that I have stood on a man’s naked body in them and forced the toe into a guys mouth. 

How They Make Me Feel

I had no idea of the effects wearing the boots would have on me, as I mentioned earlier. I had never played the dominant role prior to wearing them; however, once I slipped my feet into them and zipped them up, I was suddenly transformed from a submissive to a goddess, all in one smooth stroke! I put them and wore them in the house to begin with whilst I read books about the art of being a dominatrix and watched FemDom porn.  

What really struck me, and what I still find surprises me, is that they are quite easy to walk in. By no means am I saying they are a doddle, but compared to other high heels I have, I can wear them for a few hours at a time and not get sore feet or stumble (even after a few G&T’s). 

How I Care For My Boots

They have lasted me so well because they live, tucked away in their own little (well, large) bag in my wardrobe when they are not being shown off. I used to keep them in with all my other kink gear, but I found the heels were so big they kept getting caught around other paraphernalia. 

To keep them clean, I (well, my submissive) sponges them with mild detergent and warm water before leaving them to dry. If I’m taking them with me to an event, I pack them into my designated swinger bag (It’s from victorias secrets) and only put them on once I want to start playing.. I would never turn up to an event in them, as they are far too precious to grace the grimy London streets! 

Where You Can Get Your Hands On A Pair! 

I know that the sexy little shop I used to frequent has now vanished, but there are a few places that you can get pretty much the same boots for roughly the same price. 

One of the best, and most well-stocked places for kink and fetish gear, is honour clothing. Honour has two shops, one in central London and the other in Watford. Their range of thigh-high boots includes red knee-high boots, stiletto boots, and kinky styles in leather and PVC. Some feature a side zip, and others lace up the back. With 22 designs of the thigh-skimming boot to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice! 

Another great company that I absolutely love is Kinky Angel. I have included their products in some of my previous articles as they have a massive range of fetish, steampunk, gothic and kink clothing that all really appeal to me! If you want to get your hands on a pair of gorgeous goddess boots, then you have to check out their range! Wear these to your next swingers party, kink event or session in the bedroom, and you will be guaranteed to have people drooling over you! 

How You Can Talk To Your Partner About Them 

If you find yourself in the same position as that ex of mine did, desperately wanting to see your partner in them but not even sure how to broach the subject, I have a few suggestions. 

  • If your partner has never expressed any desire to be Dom or wear anything that may suggest dominance, wearing a pair of thigh-high boots might be utterly alien to them. I had never even thought about wearing them or being dominant until it was suggested to me; however, I found that wearing the boots gave me that confidence to take on the role of Mistress. The more I wore the boots, the more comfortable I became in my role. 
  • Although I do write a lot about BDSM and fetish, you don’t have to get down like this to enjoy wearing a pair of thigh-grazing sexy heels! You can wear them in the bedroom, out and about, to swinger parties, to clubs, on vanilla dates, or even to do the shopping in if you decide! 
  • I find them so liberating to wear! I have done several modelling shoots in them, and find they give me an added confidence boost! You don’t have to wear them for sex! You can catch what posing for a nearly naked photo shoot was like in my June members-only content! 

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